AUGUST 21-25 2017



  • Build confidence in handling money and making good choices.
  • Take-away key strategies for how to use money in their everyday lives.
  • Learn how they can become a millionaire with just $10 a month.
  • Understand the critical money lessons kids are not taught in school.
  • Be empowered with tools and life-long skills to win at the money game!  
  • Eliminate bad money habits from their lives (before they ever start)!
  • Achieve visible and measurable results that can be observed immediately instead of having to wait months (or years!).  
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Did you know the fastest growing group of people going Bankrupt is our YOUTH between 20-24 years old? The biggest challenge now & in their future is DEBT!  

Money Camp Takeaways: This is an investment in your child's future - the information they learn here will be a total game changer for their future. Your child will learn how to:

  • Practice the skills of money management.
  • Create habits to incorporate into regular routines when they get home.
  • Empower themselves to make great money choices from a place of abundance.
  • Evaluate "needs" versus wants and how to save for what's important to them.
  • Build confidence to talk about money and share what they know with others
  • Protect kids from current debt-based thinking.
  • Develop a balanced approach to spending, saving, giving that will support all their needs and wants.

Protect your children from future pain & stress caused by DEBT and any other financial pressures by teaching them life-long, healthy, money mindset habits. 

Since schools are not providing the education, training and preparation when it comes to teaching our children how to deal with cash, budgets, and especially highly, addictive credit, Money Camp for Kids is unique, and it's not a boring classroom program!  

Money Camp for Kids was designed, specifically for youth, with simple systems and concepts about making & saving money, using credit and budgeting responsibly.  

We will help your children discover how making money can be FUN!  

We've incorporated animal interaction into organized activities in a rural settings to bring our money activities to life.  

Money Camp for Kids offers the very latest and critical secrets from leading financial experts in fun, easy-to-understand experiences. 

"This is an invaluable treasure for parents raising children in the modern world. As an elementary school teacher, I can say how effective it is to teach children through real time, real life experiences. Gail (Haynes) Cook effectively outlines steps that embrace this style of learning."  

- Tara Brasier, Specialist in Special Education, Elementary School, Teacher, Parent  


Money Camp for Kids allows you to give the gift of money management that can be passed from generation to generation! 


  • MONEY DAY Kids will learn about how to both earn, spend and save money. They will create WOW money jars to take home and start taking care of their money. They will also learn about a home earning system (chores & paycheques).

  • ANGEL DAY One of the most important parts of money is learning how to give a portion to a meaningful cause. We will do some powerful exercises to show kids how they can make a difference. We will explore ways that they can help others with time or money.

  • MARKET DAY We will have an open market where kids will get to purchase items with the money they earned from the games and activities they played earlier in the week!  
  • EARNING DAY We have a full day of games and fun activities where kids will have the opportunity to earn our camp WOW dollars and practice making money choices. Kids will get a taste of life on a farm, interacting with the animals.

  • GROWTH DAY Another full day learning how to grow and protect money (interest, friend or foe). They will be working on presentations for graduation, games to practice money habits and participate in games like the Entrepreneurship vs Careers Game.

NOTE: 4PM GRADUATION PRESENTATION ON DAY FIVE: Students show parents, friends and family what they have learned this week.  


The Lemonade Stand Millionaire Author and Money Camp for Kids Founder Gail Cook's vision is to see this much-needed information get into the hands of parents and kids everywhere!  

A natural entrepreneur since the age of 7 (with her first Lemonade Stand!) Gail started a horseback riding facility at 16 that she continues to run today, 31 years later.  

It wasn't always smooth sailing - when Gail became a single Mom and her kids were 2 and 4, she truly learned about the financial stress and hardship that can come from not knowing about money.  

At the time, she was not educated about rainy days or budgeting and quickly ran out of money. At one point, the heat and electricity was turned off and she promised herself that she would teach her kids about money so that they would never experience the terrible weight of financial stress like she had.  

Gail wrote the book The Lemonade Stand Millionaire's because she didn't want to see other families suffer like hers had.  

Her children incorporated her book's lessons into their own lives and started their own businesses (at age 7 and 9)! Gail's daughter Ashley is still running her business 12 years later!  

GAIL COOK: Author of the Lemonade Stand Millionaire, Founder of Money Camp for Kids. 

She has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, is a published author, NLP Master Coach, and has raised 2 Money Savvy daughters.

As a Certified Master NLP Coach helping people to understand the power of language and thoughts on how they make decisions, and show them how to consciously decide how they are going to interpret the world around them. She incorporates this knowledge into her programs and workshops.


How to Raise Financially Empowered Kids

Money Camp Open House & Scavanger Hunt

Complimentary Workshop

June 28 2017 6-8PM


June 25 2017: 1-3PM


  • When is it? MONEY CAMP FOR KIDS will be hosted twice in the summer of 2017: July 10-14 & August 21-25
  • Where is it? Hosted at the Five Star Ranch in Campbellville, Ontario. 11233 Second Line, Campbellville, On. L0P1B0
  • Who's doing it? Created by the Lemonade Stand Millionaire author and Money Camp for Kids Founder, Gail Cook.
  • Why should I register my kids? Protect your children from future pain & stress caused by DEBT and any other financial pressures by teaching them life-long, healthy, money mindset habits.  
  • What's it all about? Money Camp for Kids is hosted on a farm, (with real farm animal interaction!) and was designed, specifically for youth, with simple systems and concepts about making & saving money, using credit and budgeting responsibly. 




  • Is my child too young to learn about money? Money Camp for Kids was designed for kids ages 8-16. Kids can create healthy money habits now! (Children as young as three-year-olds can grasp financial concepts like saving and spending. Kids' money habits are formed by age 7!)

  • Where is this camp located? The Money Camp for Kids takes place at the Five Star Ranch in Campbellville, Ontario: 11233 Second Line. L0P1B0

  • I have more questions... Please feel free to contact us directly at 905-691-1230 or via email: GAIL {at} LSMILLIONARE {dot} com 
  • What if I have two kids - same price? The first child will cost $375 (Early bird pricing) for the camp, any additional children that you sign up will be $275.

  • What should I pack for my children? All participants need to bring food for the day. As some activities are outdoors, we recommend bringing sweaters, boots, hats and sunblock and bug spray. 

  • Will Money Camp happen again? This summer we will be hosting Money Camp for Kids twice. July 10-14, 2017 and August 21-25, 2017.

NOTE: Additional children can register for a reduced rate of $275. We only have 16 SPOTS for each camp. A deposit of $150 each is required to hold a spot. Payment in full may be completed on Day One of the camp.  


If for whatever reason Money Camp for Kids does not satisfy you in any way, simply let us know by day 2 and we will automatically process your refund. No questions asked.

Save your seat before they all fill up!

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