Pre publication testimonials!

  • The Lemonade Stand Millionaire Deserves a place on the bookshelf of any parent desiring a better life for their children.  This is an invaluable treasure for parents raising children in the modern world. As an elementary school teacher, I can say how effective it is to teach children through real time, real life experiences. Gail Haynes effectively outlines steps that embrace this style of learning.
Tara Brasier
Specialist in Special Education
Elementary School Teacher
  • I took advantage of a long subway ride to read almost all of the first half. Loooove it! I can see from whom your daughters inherited their talents for writing! As I read the “manuscript, some people came to mind, I’ll buy them a copy and hope they can take advantage of it!  I should put it down now, I have (other) important things to do! (it’s kind of surprising that someone as detail atuned as me didn’t find anything to criticize so far in the main text. You (and your editor) did a fantastic job!)
    Today I finally got to finish your book. I am impressed. It’s good, it’s great, and quite frankly, so many adults could benefit from it!!! It’s very nicely written and well structured. I just Love it :) I like your ideas and agree that family should talk money together. It’s a shame that so many don’t talk about it because they wouldn’t know what to say! Fortunately your book will change all that :)))

Serge Vaillancourt 
Professional photograper and author


  • It’s great, and it obviously works given the confidence  and success your daughters are enjoying!  
     As the old saying goes, the proof is in the  pudding…in your case, the proof is in your daughters!  You must be very  proud!

Diane Taylor, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.


  • In a time of finanial woes across the county, with no real education in the school systems that parents and children could truly benefit from, this book arrives in a timely fashion. More than ever, an education is financial mangement to help this generation secure financial freedom, is needed and should be celebrated. The Lemonade Stand Millionaire is a book of the times and the time is now”

Brenda Carmichael
Recreational Sports Manager
Kids Gymnastic Coach


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