Limited Edition T Shirts to boost your Spirit!

The more that I get out and network with other entrepreneurs the more amazed I am. I also have the opportunity to meet amazing parents and kids that are learning about money and business.

Honestly, we are Amazing….but not all Amazing people are entrepreneurs (and that’s A ok in my book)

I wanted to do something to celebrate all the Amazing people out there…Entrepreneur or not.

There is something special about a shirt that is filled with a positive message. It will make you smile, it will make those that read the message smile. And sometimes it is just a great thing to wear when you NEED to smile. I know that there are days that I feel like everything is falling apart. Then something makes me laugh or smile and I am rejuvenated to shake off the bad and step forward again.

So I came up with a list of great positive words….take a look at the I am….an Entrepreneur shirt

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I am……..
money smart
a leader
a dreamer
….an Entrepreneur


 We could add another hundred words to this shirt….but that would have made a really huge shirt…..or very tiny words. If you are an entrepreneur, give yourself a pat on the back because you are one of the few that really step out and follow their dreams.

That certainly does not mean it is always easy, but it does mean that when we do stumble we stand up, dust ourselves off and keep moving forward.

Then I thought about all of the incredible people in my life and around the world that are not entrepreneurs…what could be said about them(about you) So take a peek at the I am Amazing shirt.

Get your Amazing shirt today

I am……
money smart

I believe that spreading positive messages, giving ourselves a pat on the back, acknowledging the amazingness inside us is critical to our happiness. If wearing a simple t shirt with a few positive words can do that, then I am in! Get your shirt today…and one for those you love, or even if you just like them.  😎 Part of the proceeds from the t shirt sales will go to helping young entrepreneurs get started in their small business. So grab a shirt and support our youth and bring smiles to the world.

Gail CookLimited Edition T Shirts to boost your Spirit!