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 kids and money, entrepreneur Gail Cook learned the lessons of small business when she was just 7 with a Lemonade Stand.  Fast forward to 16 and several other ventures, Gail opened a trail riding facility with the support of her parents.  But even with these great opportunities, she never truly learned how to manage her money properly and ended up in a multitude of financial struggles.

When Gail became a single parent she quickly realized that she needed to figure out money.  She was determined not to let her kids grow up with the same financial blueprint that had led her to so many hardships.

Gail started introducing simple steps to her 2 and 4 yr old girls on how to make money around the house.  It is a system to learn about responsibility, money, charity and more.  As they grew their responsibilities changed and they became interested in how they could make additional money.

Kids are incredibly resourceful and they started a Kool aid stand at the horse shows that Gail held when they were just 4 and 6.  By the time they were 7 and 9 yrs old they had started a business breeding bunnies…and doing very well.

The book The Lemonade Stand Millionaire is an amazing book that will inspire parents to raise kids that are prepared for today’s world on many levels.  Learn the tools that helped this single mom raise 2 incredibly smart business ladies who have the world at their finger tips.


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What I do

I have always had a love for teaching and horses.  I have combined the two and work with riders to train their horses…I started my own horseback riding facility when I was just 16. A determined girl that created the career of her dreams. This could have been the end of a great story. But with no money management training the money left as fast as it came in.

In 2010 the idea of The Lemonade Stand came to me, and I knew I needed to share this message with the world.

I believe that teaching kids about money will have a huge impact on our global economy.  Kids who learn these skills can also help their friends, family and eventually their own kids. learn new skills.  It is so important to have a base foundation in life essentials. Money is something we deal with everyday. It is time to take the taboo out of this conversation.

Why I do it


Far too often kids are missing some incredibly important skills to help live financially abundant. Schools have no training on money management. How to save, spend, invest or give to charity. Media is teaching us and our kids to throw away the old and get something new, to get it on credit, don’t pay for a year.

This type of mentality has left many families financially crippled.

I am a perfect example. Coming from a family of spenders, I enjoyed my money. I got caught up in the get it on credit trap. My husband and I bought a farm way over the cost of what we should have. This caused many problems between us and ultimately our marriage ended. Faced with a huge mortgage and a seasonal business I went deeper into debt. Nothing another credit card can’t fix, right?

Getting out of a hole is much harder than never jumping in it in the first place. My mission is to create a world of kids that follow their dreams and design the life they desire. Learning money management and entrepreneurial skills will take them a long way in life. Having their parents join them on this journey can create a stronger family bond, and re connect parents with their own dreams.

I can guide you step by step along your training path and look forward to receiving questions, videos about your personal training situation or progress.

How to connect with me

If you would like more information on teaching your kids how to create the future of their dreams, please get in touch with me through my Contact Page.

I will be happy to answer your  questions, and may even include your question on our blog, so others can learn from your question.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Gail Cook

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