Six year old learns about online and offline business

Kids are incredibly smart, and even at a young age can understand that making a living and making a life are two different things.  This wise mother helps plant a seed about online business and shows her daughter that she can be successful and have a great life!


My insightful six year old, drew a stunning picture outlining the difference between online and offline business. And here is how she came up with it:

Last week, she had a piano recital. Before each performance, the children told the audience about themselves. They stated their age, their favourite food, and what they wanted to be when they grew up. A high number of the kid’s said they ‘wanted to be successful’ when they grew up but didn’t say in what.

It’s common for kid’s to want to be successful, rich, and famous, but without a plan of how to do that… they really don’t have much of a chance to actually achieve it.

Later, I talked with my kids about how to actually put a plan in place in order to achieve their dreams. We talked about online business vs offline business and the benefits of building an online presence. Today’s kid’s are so much more evolved than our generation, and technology is going to play a big part in their future. Teaching them how to use technology towards building something that will generate an income and planting the entrepreneurial seed is a great way to give our kids an edge in today’s world. At school, they are taught to get good marks in order to get a good job but that is not a secure or desirable future for anyone, especially for the tech savvy kids of today. They need to learn about marketing funnels, driving traffic, and really listening to their inner selves above all the other information sources and noise that adds to today’s confusion.

Anyway, after dinner, I noticed my daughter starting to colour, but didn’t take a good look. She is an artist at heart and very insightful for her age. Later, I found her drawing on the table and was astounded at how accurately she had portrayed online vs offline business. 

On the right side of her picture is a stop owner who is inside the window looking out at another person who is playing tennis and having fun. There are a bunch of boxes of inventory piled beside the shop. On the left side is a tennis player, smiling and happy, and enjoying the day. The store owner is wondering how the tennis player is able to play so much and still earn a living. Above the tennis player, is a drawing of a box (a computer) that says ‘dog’ in it. It is a website about dogs that the tennis player made. There are little arrows pointing to the box symbolizing traffic that is being driven to the website and creating sales. And that is how the tennis players earns a living.

The picture is amazing accurate and simple and sums up online business success. By driving traffic to a website, anyone can make sales, and ultimately a living.

The key is in learning and applying marketing strategies so you get found by targeted, willing buyers. 

Take it from my daughter… get a site up no matter what business you are in, learn to market, and start seeing some cash flow.

Rebecca is an online marketer an inspired mother who is passionate about helping ALL work from home moms get themselves online and into profit. To see the best way to market you business online or to see the gorgeous picture drawn by her daughter, visit 

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Gail CookSix year old learns about online and offline business